20 July 2009

Who was that masked man?

Well, I'm fairly sure that he didn't actually wear a mask, but librarian Melville Dewey is the man responsible for inventing the classification system we use to shelve books in our library. Recently, some librarians have begun to discuss whether Dewey's system is outmoded and needs to be changed. Public libraries in Florida and Colorado are experimenting with a shelving system more like you would find in Barnes & Noble or Borders. User friendly and self service, this method of shelving books is meant to make access to our materials easier for our patrons.

Where do you stand on this issue? Are you a traditionalist? Would you like to see Dewey stay?Or, are you an innovator who would like the library to be more accessible and self service? One very important consideration as we consider this change is what our patrons want and need to make their experience of MMPL a positive one. I look forward to hearing from you!

1 comment:

  1. I think anything that helps patrons access library materials is a good thing. Our budget is shrinking each year. We have a new children's room that is not fully staff because of lack of funding. The circ desk is stretched thin, trying to cover upstairs and downstairs during the morning shift. So, yes, much as I respect the traditional dewey system, I'm for a bookstore type shelving system which patrons are already familiar with.