17 June 2009

Dollars and sense

Please join me, and Trustees Maureen McPhee and Ken Jenkins, for a public forum on 24 June at Town Hall to discuss the funding formula for Barnstable Libraries. The Town Library Committee, made up of two trustees from each Barnstable library, recently made changes in the formula that will effect how much funding each library receives. This is an informational meeting about those changes in the formula.

With Treasurer Al DeFlorio and Board member Howard Zabusky, I have been hard at work on our FY 10 Library budget. We have received funding reductions in our town appropriation, as well as reduced returns from our Annual Appeal. Although these reductions are not unexpected given our economic climate, they point out how important it is for each of us to do what we can to support the Library. The Library is busier than ever and is undergoing renovations, too. We need your help and we thank you!

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