03 June 2009

Family reads

Fresh from my quick trip to Seattle to see my author daughter, Caitlin, I am back here in LibraryRenoLand. Today, my stellar volunteer, Dennis, is painting the front entrance while professional carpenters,Richard and another lad named Dennis, shingle the addition to the back of the building.

Eventually, this addition will hold our LULA elevator making us fully accessible to all of our patrons. We can't wait!

If you are looking in the urban fantasy genre for a great adult read, pick up "Street Magic" by Caitlin Kittredge(shameless plug). As the review mags would say, "not for the faint of heart; gritty and fast paced". Blood aside, Caitlin tells a darn good story. And we were so excited yesterday to find her books in the big bookstore in SEATAC airport!!

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