27 May 2010

Summer reading thoughts

Sally Gunning's novels The Widow's War and Bound are the perfect books to start your Cape Cod summer reading.

Please share your thoughts and feel free to reply with your favorite beach titles, including a short summary and why you like the book/audiobook, if you feel so inclined.

Cape resident Sally Gunning published The Widow's War in 2006. This novel satisfies the reader on so many levels. The author creates the story of widow Lyddie Berry as she experiences the loss of her husband to the sea and finds herself with very few rights to property or self-determination in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Library Journal calls TWW "Historical fiction at its best."

Bound was published in 2008. This story revisits the main characters of TWW, but also stands alone as the story of Alice Cole who was bound into servitude and abandoned by her father when they reached the shores of Massachusetts. The rest of the family had perished at sea on their way to New England from London, seeking a better life.

The reader may look forward to Sally Gunning's forthcoming novel (June, 2010), The Rebellion Of Jane Clarke : A Novel. It's not to soon to request it from the CLAMS website; at the time of this writing there are over 100 requests on 18 copies ordered throughout CLAMS.

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