06 July 2010

Book Lust

Do you know Nancy Pearl? She's a librarian in Seattle who has written some books that you could use.

Book Lust
More Book Lust
Book Crush (for kids & teens)

Nancy has divided her book review selections by subject matter as well as indexing by title & author. The arrangement by subject makes reading and using her books a pleasure. Want to find fiction about WWI? Or non-fiction? It's there. Pretty much whatever you're craving in the book world is there.

These books are not about best sellers, not about current popular genres, not about what you can already find in the New York Times and other media. They cover the best books written for generations & are a treasure trove for book lovers.

1 comment:

  1. If you come to MMPL, you can check out our Nancy Pearl action figure at the desk. She comes with her own stack of books and a powerful "shhhh" action...